Nano-Materials and Their Energy and Environmental Applications (纳米材料在能源及环境领域的应用)-澳门博彩
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Nano-Materials and Their Energy and Environmental Applications (纳米材料在能源及环境领域的应用)

发布时间:2019-03-29 07:57:17 发布人:孙昌国  审核人:李天镇

报告题目:Surface Nano-Engineering(纳米材料在表面技术上的应用)




Nanomaterials and nanotechnology has been attracting huge attention. Using nanotechnology to create advanced coatings, thin films and treat material surface is a topic of great scientific and applied importance. This talk will introduce the research on surface engineering using nano-technologies at the University of Auckland, including nano-particle reinforced alloy coatings, electrochemical surface treatment, surface nano-structuring and 3-D nanostructure characterisation. With carefully controlled processes, superior hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, super-hydrophobicity and antimicrobial properties have been obtained. Surface nanotechnology is a powerful way to enhance surface properties, and is finding wide industrial applications.

Professor Wei Gao, FRS-NZ, ONZM,高唯院士简历

Dr Wei Gaois a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Auckland, Fellow of the Royal Society NZ and Fellow of Engineering NZ. Received his PhD degree from Oxford University UK, he worked at MIT, USA for 5 years asa Research Associate. His active research coversNanomaterials and coatings, Electronic and energy materials, Corrosion and oxidation, and Photocatalysis.He has more than 800 scientific publications including 525 journal papers, and received a number of prestigious awards, including “Officer of New Zealand Merit”, “Scott Medal”, “James Cook Award”, “Shorland Medal” and “Distinguished Materials Scientist of China”.